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Alpha Chapter - Spring 2010

Aquanetta Mitchell


Epsilon Chapter - Spring 2019

Jocelyn Candelaria


Gamma Rho Chapter - Fall 2016

Jasmine Damon


Tyshona Robinson

"The very essence of Omega Epsilon Rho is weaved into each and every member. I serve in leadership because I strive to be a conduit for ideas, concepts and dreams to further strengthen and solidify the future our unique organization. I serve on behalf of our membership body". 

Soror Aquanetta Mitchell
"I chose to serve in leadership because I enjoy being a part of the implementation process. Being a role model to others while also bringing ideas, creativity and positive energy to my organization is a very rewarding experience". 

Soror Jocelyn Candelaria
"To hold a leadership role in Omega Epsilon Rho means to be a part of the foundation and herstory of the organization. Omega Epsilon Rho has given me so much over my years as a member that I felt it imperative to give back". 

Soror Jasmine Damon
"To serve in a leadership role within Omega Epsilon Rho means establishing a new era of Service, Sisterhood and Leadership. No matter how big or small the job is, I treat it with great significance. For these reasons, I find leadership gratifying not only as a member, but also a person". 

Soror Tyshona Robinson

Epsilon Chapter - Fall 2018

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