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Omega Epsilon Rho Service Sorority, Incorporated was Founded on December 15, 2009. Three undergraduate students in attendance at Rutgers University chartered the Alpha Chapter on February 17, 2010, solidifying the foundation of the sorority. These three women are Visionary Founder Aquanetta Mitchell and Founding Sisters Tiffany Charles and Donyea Bradley.

The organization was incorporated on February 6, 2010. 

A series of meetings preceded and followed the organizations February 17th debut. In these meetings members agreed upon the colors, call, name, gem, mascot, motto and other items and ideas that would shape the image and operation of the organization.

The first officers were decided upon and installed. The Alpha chapter served as both the first subsidiary of the organization and the local board of directors. Thus, members of the Alpha Chapter were both responsible for facilitating the operation of the first and only chapter in existence at the time as well as overseeing expansion initiatives and all matters related to the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the business in the state of New Jersey.

The founding members and early initiates of Omega Epsilon Rho Service Sorority, Incorporated are innovators who saw an opportunity to make a difference within their community and took it. They grew and learned as they build. 

Since 2009, Omega Epsilon Rho has continued to grow, expand and connect women from all over the country on both the undergraduate and alumnae level.

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The expansion efforts of the organization were largely led by Visionary Founder Aquanetta Mitchell. Beta Chapter was established for members in attendance at Kean University with the initiation of Soror Jazmyne Miller. Gamma Chapter Soror Shenise Wilkins traveled from Enola, Pennsylvania to pursue membership into the organization. She was successful in returning to her college and expanding the organization, solidifying the charter for Gamma. Delta was chartered at Trinity Washington University when Visionary Founder Aquanetta Mitchell relocated to the state of Maryland and continued her expansion efforts there. Epsilon Chapter was chartered in Maryland with the initiation of Sorors Sydney Dawson and April-Michelle Thomas at Georgetown University, but later moved to New Jersey with the initiation of Soror Tyshona Robinson and Blessed Jones at Georgian Court University. Zeta Chapter was established for students at Coppin State University in Maryland by Soror Shanika Jay. The Beta Chapter was relocated to Stevenson University in Maryland with the initiation of Sorors Laura Harpool and Kasio DeGraffenried in 2013 before being moved back to New Jersey. The Alpha Rho Alumnae Chapter was the first graduate level chapter to be established in Central New Jersey by Alpha Chapter Alumnae members who needed a chapter home to continue the work of the sorority in. The Beta Rho Alumnae Chapter was chartered in Maryland but later moved to New Jersey and currently serves the Elizabeth and Union, NJ areas. Gamma Rho Alumnae Chapter is the north Jersey Alumnae Chapter. All three Alumnae Chapters have initiated members on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.



Omega Epsilon Rho is a community service-based sorority. Although the foundation of the organization is deeply rooted in putting and keeping "Service First", the founders wanted to adopt certain customs and practices that are unique to Greek life, such as stepping, strolling and showing pride in your organization.

As such, the sorority chose a hand sign, a sorority call and created "steps" and "strolls" that would allow members a way to show pride in the organization as well as partake in these practices with other Greek-Lettered organizations. The hope was that QEP would be a space for our members to both serve out our purpose and enjoy the bonds and practices of sisterhood and fun!


  • Founded: December 15, 2009

  • Motto: "Service First"

  • Colors: Lavender, Gray and Magnolia White

  • Mascot: Perched Tawny Owl

  • Gem: Black Diamond

  • Flower: The Magnolia

  • Call: Hoo-Rho!

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